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As a response to the urgent need for reliable evaluation of qualitative achievements from different organizations, foundations and governmental organizations, CREARE team is engaging in different conversations  – international conferences, seminars, webinars. We are arguing that, after years of focusing on the quantities of (economic) life, the time has arrived for considering the qualities of life. The new creative economy, based on sustainable development, calls for a different way of thinking.

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Seminar series: The Cultural and Creative Industries: Pathways Beyond Economic Growth

Seminar 1: paper 2

Seminar ENCATC: Measuring the Unmeasurable,


27th Seminar on Pandemic: Alternative Perspective on Global Challenges





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CREARE Social is a Dutch non-profit knowledge organisation, focusing on the Value based Approach implementation in evaluation, research and education practices. To understand and assess the quality of the produced change, we apply a holistic method of evaluation – the Quality Evaluator – to social and cultural innovative projects, organisations and policies.

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