Who we are


We are working with art, culture and social organisations, funding bodies, policy makers and scholars to advance the understanding of a cultural change that a project, program, organisation, or policy aims to achieve.

As a Dutch non-profit knowledge organisation, CREARE Social focusing on the Value based Approach which we implement in our evaluation, research and education practices. To understand and assess the quality of the produced change, we apply a holistic method of evaluation – the Quality Evaluator – to social and cultural innovative projects, organisations and policies.

By developing the knowledge about the processes of cultural change, we are aiming to facilitate those process and support the capacity of the people and organizations to enhance those processes. To realise this goal, we are running summer schools, courses, workshops and fieldwork which are laying the foundation for a cultural change.

In our work we draw upon our own academic research as cultural economists, and the expertise of other scholars and professionals in the field of arts, culture and social innovation.

Our Team

Lyudmila Petrova

Lyudmila Petrova holds a PhD in Cultural Economics from Erasmus University and has more than 15 years of experience in research and teaching in the fields of the creative economy, cultural and creative industries, financing of the arts, creativity and innovation, cultural entrepreneurship and cultural policy. Since 2008 she is a research associate at Erasmus University. She is co-founder of the Center for Research and Education in Arts and Economics (CREARE) where she leads the Summer School in Cultural Economics and works on the development and implementation of the Value-based Approach across Europe. She has extensive experience in cultural policy and management as well as in the evaluation of cultural and educational organisations.

Arjo Klamer

Arjo Klamer is Professor in Cultural Economics emeritus at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam. He is co-founder of CREARE, Stichting Economie en Culture and Stichting atelier voor creativiteit en cultureel ondernemerschap.

His current research focuses on the cultural dimension of economic life and the values of arts and culture. His most recent book “Doing the right thing: A value based economy” (2016) introduces a value-based approach to the economy. He has initiated and currently leads the academic team working on the Value-Based Approach. He presents and gives workshops all over the world and is politically active in his home country, the Netherlands.

Susana Graca

Susana Graça is an economist with a PhD in Philosophy and Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her research focuses on cultural economics and the methodology of economics. She is currently the advisor on economic relations of the Norwegian Embassy in Lisbon, where she also monitors the funding mechanism of the EEA Grants. She is an adjunct professor of cultural economics at the Theatre and Cinema School of the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, where she lectures at Masters and PhD levels. For the past 20 years, she has worked extensively in the cultural field, having had managerial roles in executive bodies of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture. She recurrently works as an independent expert for support programmes of the European Commission and she is a consultant in programme and project management for cultural and research organizations.


We work in close collaboration with
Stichting Economie & Cultuur, S-Nodi and BluePo!nt.

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Stichting Economie en Cultuur (SEC) is intended to promote research on the interaction between culture and economy, and to distribute knowledge thereof. SEC organizes workshops, lectures and research and publishing activities. 

S-Nodi is an Italian non-profit organisation, that aims at poverty reduction. Through its wide range of activities, S-Nodi promotes and accompanies innovation in public interventions against impoverishment.

BluePo!nt is a Bulgarian marketing research and analysis agency. It works with the most recent technologies for data proceedings and analysis. It works on a wide range of marketing projects.