Post COVID-19 vision of the educational system in Turin

Giovani Investimenti project, supported by the CRT Foundation and created by ASAI Association of Intercultural Animation, in collaboration with CREARE Social, IIS Bodoni-Paravia, IPS J.B. Beccari, the IPSIA Birago, the TerreMondo cooperative and the Vie d’Incontro Cooperative, is a challenge that ASAI has been pursuing for some years to stimulate and encourage co-planning between school and extra-school in a logic of cohesion of educational interventions.

Taking into account the attention that the project dedicates to the educational and methodological aspects of the intervention, we have collected here some ideas deriving from the reflection of the Scientific Committee and from the fieldwork of educators at school and in aggregation centers.

This work is therefore divided into two parts.

  • In the first part, Practice of Values, by Lyudmila Petrova of CREARE Social draws an assessment of the experience of the Scientific Committee, which had the aim of engaging a shared reflection on design values ​​in the broader context of a renewal of the educational system, also and above all in the face of the challenges of the current CoViD-19 health emergency.
  • In the second part, Values ​​in Practice, by the operators and educators of the ASAI association, is an attempt made to translate the theoretical framework outlined in the first part into a small glossary of actions, in which the identified values ​​are told through experiences and concrete tools.

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