Qualitative evaluation of social innovation policy in Piedmont Region

On the 12th of June this year, during the conference organised by the Piedmont Region, Lyudmila Petrova presented the preliminary findings of VBA evaluation applied to the work of the job coaches in  TSUNAMI project. The project is financially supported by the DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission.

For the period 2016 -2019, in collaboration with the Stichting Economie en Cultuur (SEC) we are taking part in the project “Tsunami – A Traineeship as a Springboard out of Unemployment for those affected by mental Illness”. Our role in this project is to conduct an in-depth qualitative study of the implementation of the project. More specifically, we aim to assess the qualitative outcomes of the proposed social innovation policy in terms of values changes that the policy aims to achieve and to evaluate the process of change of the coaching and the mediation process as part of the policy implementation.

In this evaluation process, we follow a participatory evaluation approach, in which stakeholders actively engaged in developing the evaluation and all phases of its implementation. The other organizations involved in the project will play an important role in identifying relevant questions about implementation and planning the evaluation design.

TSUNAMI is implemented by a consortium of public authorities, cooperatives and research organisations mostly based in Piemonte region:

Regione Piemonte

Agenzia piemonte lavoro città metropolitana di Torino

Associazione per lo sviluppo della valutazione e l’analisi delle politiche pubbliche

For Coop
Fondazione Adecco per le pari opportunità

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